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Current and forthcoming titles in the Queer Studies and Education series include:


Queer Epistemologies in Education: Luso-Hispanic Dialogues and Shared Horizons (Moira Pérez and Gracia Trujillo- Barbadillo, 2020)

Queer Social Movements and Outreach Work in Schools: A Global Perspective (Dennis Anthony Francis, Jón Ingvar Kjaran, and Jukka Lehtonen, 2020)

LGBTQ+ Studies in Education: Theoretical Interventions in Curriculum and Pedagogy (Robert C. Mizzi and Nelson M. Rodriguez, 2020)

Teaching Sexual Identity: Teacher Advocacy for Sexual Orientation Equality (Matthew Holt, 2020)

Michel Foucault and Sexualities and Genders in Education: Friendship as Ascesis (David Lee Carlson and Nelson M. Rodriguez, 2019)

The Interruption of Heteronormativity in Higher Education: Critical Queer Pedagogies (Mike Seal, 2019)

Queering Critical Literacy and Numeracy for Social Justice: Navigating the Course (Summer Pennell, 2019)

Sexuality Education and New Materialism: Queer Things (Louisa Allen, 2018)

Sexualities and Genders in Education: Towards Queer Thriving (Adam Greteman, 2018)

Mapping Queer Space(s) of Praxis and Pedagogy (Elizabeth McNeil, James E. Wermers, and Joshua O. Lunn, 2018)

Troubling the Teaching and Learning of Gender and Sexuality Diversity in South African Education (Dennis Francis, 2017)

Constructing Sexualities and Gendered Bodies in School Spaces: Nordic Insights on Queer and Transgender Students (Jon Kjaran, 2017)


Gay-Straight Alliances and Associations among Youth (Cris Mayo, 2017)


 Teaching, Affirming, and Honoring Trans and Gender Creative Youth: A Queer Literacy Framework (sj Miller, 2016)


Critical Concepts in Queer Studies and Education: An International Guide for the Twenty-First Century (Nelson M. Rodriguez, Wayne Martino, Jennifer Ingrey, and Edward Brockenbrough, 2016)

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Current and forthcoming titles in the Critical Studies in Gender and Sexuality in Education series include:

Understanding ‘Lad’ Culture in Higher Education: A Focus on British Universities (Carolyn Jackson and Vanita Sundaram)


Starting with Gender in International Higher Education Research: Perspectives on Evolving Concepts and Methodologies (Emily F. Henderson and Z Nicolazzo)

Sexuality and Gender Diversity in a Culture of Limitation: Student and Teacher Experiences in Schools (Tania Ferfolja and Jacqueline Ullman)

Pre-teenage Transgender Children Negotiating Family and School: Life between the Gender Binaries (Jamie Faulkner)

Supporting Diverse Sexualities in Primary Schools: A Focus on Teachers and Students (Lisa van Leent)

The Pedagogies and Politics of Liking (Adam Greteman and Kevin Burke)

Girls, Single-Sex Schools, and Postfeminist Fantasies (Stephanie McCall)

Women, Islam, and Education in Iran (Goli M. Rezai-Rashti and Golnar Mehran)

Engaging Youth in Activist Research and Pedagogical Praxis: Transnational Perspectives on Gender, Sex, and Race (Jeff Hearn, Tamara Shefer, Kopano Ratele, and Floretta Boonzaier)

Boys, Masculinities and Reading: Gender Identity and Literacy as Social Practice (Laura Scholes)

Queering Families, Schooling Publics: Keywords (Anne Harris, Stacy Holman Jones, Sandra L. Faulkner, and Eloise Brook)

Boys, Bodies, and Physical Education: Problematizing Identity, Schooling, and Power Relations through a Pleasure Lens (Göran Gerdin)

LGBTQ Teachers, Civil Partnership and Same-Sex Marriage: The Ambivalences of Legitimacy (Aoife Neary)

Masculinity and Aspiration in an Era of Neoliberal Education: International Perspectives (Garth Stahl, Joseph Derrick Nelson, and Derron Wallace)

Identity Politics, Justice and the Schooling of Muslim Girls: Stories from the UK and Australia (Amanda Keddie)

Feminist Pedagogy, Practice, and Activism: Improving Lives for Girls and Women (Jennifer Martin, Ashley E. Nickels, and Martina Sharp-Grier)

Learning to Live in Boys' Schools: Art-led Understandings of Masculinities (Donal O'Donoghue)

Rainbow Families and Schooling (Anna Carlile and Carrie Paechter)

Schooling Sexual Cultures: Visual Research in Sexuality Education (Louisa Allen)

"We Are What You Think We Are Not": South African Black Male Teachers and Same-Sex Desire (Thabo Msibi)

Black Men Teaching in Urban Schools: Reassessing Masculinity (Edward Brockenbrough)

Childhood Sexuality and AIDS Education: The Price of "Innocence" (Deevia Bhana)


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